Saturday, March 16, 2013


     You could say my drawing skills have improved. The drawing on the left is from at least 3 years ago. It was one of my first designs. I really wasn't trying. Design 2 is from a couple years ago. I was actually trying this time. It may be difficult to see, but it's a mess.The left arm is bent at the elbow. The face is a weird shape. The eyes are slanted. The legs are way too short. The list goes on. Design 3 I designed today. I was trying to draw it the 9-heads way. According to 101 Things I Learned in Fashion School, the average adult is 7 1/2 heads tall, and a fashion figure is 9 heads tall. Unfortunately, I have serious issues drawing heads. They were two big in the first two eras of my designing experiences. Now, they are too small. Somebody help me!


  1. I actually think that there was nothing wrong with the 2nd one. It's really cute and so is the dress!! You should stitch something like the second one. I think it would be really cute!

    1. Thanks! It's funny you said that I should sew something like the 2nd one. More than a year ago when I could barely sew, we actually sent fabric and the design to people in India who made the dress and vest. The vest turned out really cute but the dress was shapeless. It went straight down without coming in at the waist and looked like a nightgown.

    2. You should make a dress with the vest. Also I just realized that you stitched one like the drawing. It's the yellow circle dress with the lace vest.

    3. I might. Actually, the vest that I wore with the yellow dress is the vest we got made in India.