Saturday, March 30, 2013

      I read a very interesting article this morning from Refinery 29. Refinery 29 is a blog that discusses anything from fashion to celebrities to food. Here is a link to the post: On the 3rd page of the slideshow, they say shoes are far too expensive for what they're worth. I had finished my swimsuit this morning and it got me thinking. Swimsuits are also overpriced. The swimsuit on the upper left is the swimsuit I made last year. The swimsuit on the upper right is the swimsuit I finished this morning. Both were around $25. There are many problems with both of them. Even if I were more skilled when it comes to sewing, the price would still be cheap. Nowadays, swimsuits for women can cost anything starting at about $40. This is kind of like gold. It has the value it has because we gave it that value. Gold could have just been a shiny metal that cost a few bucks.

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